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Lighthouse Financial Planning, LLC (LFP) encourages all potential clients to read our ADV (Disclosure Brochure), initial and ongoing contract templates and privacy statement. These documents can be accessed and printed by clicking on the appropriate links below. Contact us with any questions on these documents.

ADV (Disclosure Brochure) Lighthouse Financial Planning, LLC (LFP), along with all registered investment advisors, must provide its ADV (Disclosure Brochure) to all of its clients at least 48 hours before they enter into any engagement agreement. Any "advisor" who does not offer you an ADV is likely operating as a salesperson and not a fiduciary registered investment advisor.
LFP's ADV/Disclosure Brochure describes LFP's services, fees, types of clients, types of investments, methods of analysis, education and business standards, other business activities, other financial industry activities or affiliations and other disclosures, and investment practices. This is a somewhat lengthy and technical document, so please feel free to ask any questions it may raise by using the contact link above. Supplements to the brochure are available on request from Barry Korb. 

LFP disclosure policy includes its privacy statement on page 15. LFP treats information provided by clients and potential clients as confidential, according to the terms of this policy statement.

Financial Planning Engagement Agreement The Financial Planning Engagement Agreement is LFP's standard initial financial planning contract. It describes the terms of most of our initial engagements and the responsibilities of LFP and of LFP's clients.

Investment Management Engagement Agreement The Investment Management Engagement Agreement is LFP's standard contract for ongoing Asset Management.

Financial Planning Resources: Lighthouse Financial provides information and resources to help individuals organize and provide information and learn more about important financial planning topics.   

College Planning: Lighthouse Financial provides college planning services to help clients finance the cost of a college education for their children or approximately maximize their chances for college financial aid as their children enter 10th and 11th grades. We provide advice on saving and investing for college, selecting an affordable college, searching for scholarships and qualifying for aid. (Note we are not College Counselors and do not advice or assist on application/admission process). Please contact LFP to discuss our College Planning Services and Fees. 

You can jump start this process by clicking on "college planning" link above you gain entry to a unique tool that estimates costs for the colleges you select, estimate your expected family contribution (EFC) and eligibility for aid, and provides information on numerous college funding strategies and scholarship opportunities. By entering your data, you will learn what data is required to be provided when you apply for financial aid and receive a notice with your EFC toward your child's education at the selected college. LFP will receive a copy of your complete report detailing potential strategies to increase your chances for financial aid and or save for college. LFP treats all information you provide as confidential whether or not you become a client. If you would like LFP to contact you after you have entered your data to explain what your EFC means and to discuss our services and fees in this area, please be sure to include your contact information when completing the questionnaire. We encourage you to explore this valuable LFP service.

Lighthouse Financial uses a secure online questionnaire as a key part of its data collection effort. We typically ask prospects to complete the questionnaire and provide us with electronic copies of key financial documents so we will have a basis to understand their financial situation, goals and key questions before making a specific proposal for an initial financial planning exercise. We treat information provided by prospects as confidential whether or not they become clients. If you are interested in exploring our services, please feel free to complete the online questionnaire. You can do this by clicking here: 

Before getting started, we recommend watching this video, which describes how to take advantage of my unique online questionnaire to the fullest.Some additional hints: 

a) Re the cash flow tab, please complete for your current cash flow as you are projecting it over the next few years. We will later ask about anticipated changes after life transition points, e.g. retirement. 

b) Please elaborate as much as possible in the comments sections on each page and particularly on your financial goals in the ‘survey’ tab. Include aspirational goals, legacy wishes, life expectancy and any potential liabilities.

Value added service for Investment Management clients: Lighthouse Financial uses Docubank to provide clients with immediate access to their vital information such as medical directives and an emergency contact person. To learn more on Docubank service, please watch this video or check our their website:

Note: The above material is for informational purposes only. Lighthouse Financial Planning, LLC provides tax planning assistance to our clients primary in the arena of investing. We encourage all clients to work closely with their tax advisor for formal guidance. Our advice, guidance or provision of these brochures does not relieve you, our clients, or readers of this website of any possible tax penalties or taxes imposed by IRS. 



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